The Walking Dead Episode 15

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In this week’s episode, it seemed like things have finally started falling into place that could lead to something big happening. Rick and the crew were able to obtain the guns from the community that Tara had discovered a few episodes back. The past few episodes it hasn’t seemed like anything major has been happening. The one thing that the producers of The Walking Dead excel at is being able to kill time by making episodes where nothing significant ever takes place. Thankfully, that’s finally starting to change.

This Sunday’s showing of a new Walking Dead episode saw some big developments, which are preparing us for the 2-hour season finale that will take place next week. Rick and his friends got the guns they need to have the creepy community that lives in the garbage dump help them fight Negan. This episode saw a few other developments that have fans particularly excited about next week’s episode.

What Happened on The Walking Dead

Rick Got the Guns

One of the most important happenings was the raid on Oceanside, which led to Rick and the Alexandrians getting the guns they need to recruit another community in the fight against The Saviors. Tara made the first breach and tried to get the community’s leader, Natania, to give over the guns peacefully and even join in on the fight against The Saviors.

Natania is a bitter old woman, however, and doesn’t want anything to do with the fight. She is hesitant to lose any more of her people, and only when forced is she willing to give up the guns. Other members of Oceanside reveal that they would prefer to go and fight, but they are unable to. Rick and his friends don’t leave any weapons behind, so we’ll see if that decision leads to something bad happening to the people of Oceanside.

Maggie Saves Gregory

An interesting development happens at Hilltop when Maggie is out gardening. The community’s leader, named Gregory, goes out to meet her, and considers literally stabbing her in the back with his knife. Soon he spots a walker approaching, and tells Maggie that he is going to take care of it himself. Apparently, he’s never killed one before, and Maggie has to do the job on her own. When Gregory gets ambushed by a walker from the side, Maggie has to come and save her from it as well.

One thing that seems to be hinted is that Gregory is the one who is hinting to Negan that Rick and his friends are up to no good.

Sasha Saved by Negan

Another thing is that Sasha is still alive, even after her Rambo-raid on The Saviors’ compound. She is nearly raped by her guard, who is stabbed to death by Negan in the neck. Negan gives her a knife and a choice telling her she can try and kill him, kill herself, or keep “Rapey Davey” from becoming a walker and eating her and join Negan. She ends up stabbing the dead man in the head just as he’s turning, and commits to joining Negan. However, she tells Eugene that she wants something she can kill herself with, like a knife or a piece of glass. He ends up giving her a suicide-pill he concocted in an earlier episode. When she’s still alive a few scenes later, it can be assumed she really wanted the sharp object so she could sneak-attack Negan with it.

Dwight Shows up at Alexandria

The last major development is Dwight showing up at Alexandria. He says that he wants to help, and the episode ends with Rick telling him to get down on his knees. It will be interesting to see how this storyline plays out.